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DG Series


DG 450

Model:DG 450

Equipment: Packaging Machine

Automatic Package Machine controlled via MMI /PLC or by means of microswitches, both easy to handle; DG 450 is assembled on a solid frame made of carbon steel and of stainless steel in the parts touching the product. With PLC-equipped option, all the machine status is indicated by the MMI at the machine's front part, thereby facilitating and speeding up its set-up. It has a mobile horizontal welding table (up & down).


DG 450, due to its reduced size, is a very productive machine and does not occupy large rooms for its installation, being indicated for packaging general purpose granulated products having uniform granulometry; it may be used both in the food industry and for packing pieces or in other industry segments such as chemical and textile industries, among others, always under a previous analysis of the product concerned by our staff. 
  • Package length (Max. /  Min.)  -  375mm / 100mm.
  • Package width (Max. / Min.)  -             350mm / 160mm. 
  • Reel maximum diameter:       400mm.
  • Doser: drawer volumetric type.
Production Rate:Up to 55 ppm (packs per minute) by 1 Kg of product.
Electrics:Three-phase network with neuter and ground: 220V or 380V   60Hz (440V under request).
  • Electric power: approx. 1.65 Kw/h (7.5A at 220V).
  • Pneumatic power:  approx. 848 l/min. in the smooth welding; approx. 432 l/min. in the grooved welding.
  • Plastic film type: PE, PP, PP+PE, PP+PP, (other types under request).
  • Package: Cushioned or Ribbed (Flat Bottom).
  • Dater: Hot Stamping (Standard) or other as an optional.
  • Accuracy: Pursuant Administrative Rule nr.74 from INMETRO.
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