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EF Series


EF - 30

Model: EF - 30

Equipment: Bundling Machine



Easy-to-use, MMI /PLC controlled automatic baler. EF-30 is assembled on a carbon steel profiling frame. All machine status is indicated by the MMI on the frontal part of the machine, thus facilitating and speeding up its set-up. Equipped with fixed horizontal welding table and pulse-controlled weldability system, which allows a significant spare of energy and PTFE. A versatile, high-productive machine.

EF-30, through its design concept, is able to be used for baling several kinds of product such as rice, beans, flour, mortar, sugar, general purpose flour-like products, among others, always under a previousanalysis of the product concerned by our staff.
  • Bale length (Max. / Min.): 650mm / 300mm.
  • Reel width (Max. / Min.): 1140mm / 680mm. 
  • Reel maximum diameter: 400mm.
  • Automatic pack deviator dosage.
  • Type of bale: one, two, or three columns (according to product characteristics).
Production Rate:
  • 5Kg: up to 12 fpm (bales/min) in one column, or up to 70/90 ppm (packs/min) varying according to product (under request).
  • 1Kg: up to 3.5 fpm (bales/min) for three columns, or up to 120/150 ppm (packs/min) varying according to product (under request).
Three-phase network with neuter and ground: 220V or 380V  60Hz (440V under request).
  • Electric power: average ca. 2.7 Kw/h (machine) / 1.9 Kw/h (conveyors). 
  • Pneumatic power: approx.. 879 l/min (~3.5 fpm); approx.. 1273 l/min (~10 fpm).
  • Plastic film type: linear low-density polyethylene  min. 55 micra and max. 80 micra with COF from 20 to 22%, (other types under request).
  • Package: Ribbed (Flat Bottom).
  • Feeding: frontal, rear for 1Kg and lateral for 5Kg (Ex.: rice, beans) per conveyor.
  • Interconnection: the baler allows working interconnected with two packaging machines simultaneously and automatically within its productivity range.
  • Reel perforator: automatic (optional).
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