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MF Series


MF 5000

Model: MF 5000

Equipment: Packaging Machine

Easy-to-use, MMI /PLC controlled automatic packaging machine, MF 5000 is designed using advanced technology in order to provide a high productive performance with accuracy, maintenance low cost, and packaging uniformity. All machine status is indicated by the MMI on the frontal part of the machine, thus facilitating and speeding up its set-up. Equipped with fixed horizontal welding table, dragging belt tensioner, automatic unwinder and mobile trolley system for reel alignment.
MF 5000 is indicated for packaging products varying from general purpose granulated products with uniform granulometry to powders and pieces, being possible its application to be extended to the food industry as well as other industrial segments such as chemical, textile, component manufacturing, and auto parts industries, among others, always under a previous analysis of the product concerned by our staff in order to adequate the proper dosing system.
  • Package length (Max. /  Min.)          - 420 / 100mm.
  • Package width (Max. / Min.)           - 600 / 250mm.
  • Reel maximum diameter:   500mm.
  • Doser: FP-1000 (powder); CG-1000 (granulated products); Multiple Head and Linear Troughs (irregular shapes)
Production Rate:Up to 45 ppm (packs/min) per 5Kg of product.
Electrics:Three-phase network with neuter and ground: 220V or 380V   60Hz (440V under request).
  • Electric power: approx.   2.19  Kw/h ( 11A - 220V). 
  • Pneumatic power:  approx. 1417 l/min. in the smooth welding;  approx.   547 l/min. in the grooved welding.
  • Plastic film type: PE, PP, PP+PE, PP+PP, PET+PE, Alum.+PE, PP+BOPP, BOPP+BOPP (other types under request).
  • Package: Cushioned or Ribbed (Flat Bottom)


  • Dater:  Hot Stamping (Standard) or other as an optional.
  • Static Electricity Eliminator.
  • Hopper level control.
  • Dosing cans opening indicator.
  • Euro Lock (hot bar).
  • Welding bar exchange system (impulse welding/hot bar).
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