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MG Series


MG 1000

Model:MG 1000

Equipment:  Packaging Machine



Automatic Vertical Packing System with electronic control system through PLC with all synchronism status accessible by means of a Man-Machine Interface (IHM) located in the front panel of the equipment. The Machine MG 1000 was assembled over a very strong structure of carbon steel and stainless steel 316 in the parts that keep contact directly with the product. The machine applies to the philosophy of easy cleaning and easy maintenance due to its components disposition, and has a frontal and lateral plate protection in acrylic.

MG 1000 is a very versatile machine for packaging allowing larger volumetric variations, proportional to the characteristics of the product, being indicated for packaging general purpose granulated products having uniform granulometry; it may be used both in the food industry and for packing pieces, and other products that apply to the philosophy of vertical packing system, or in other industry segments such as chemical and textile, among others,  always under a previous analysis of the product concerned by our staff in order to adequate the proper dosing system
  • Package length (Max. /  Min.)  - 340 mm / 95 mm.
  • Package width (Max. / Min.)  - 450 mm / 100 mm.
  • Reel maximum diameter: 480 mm.
  • Doser: drawer volumetric type.
Production Rate: Up to 75 ppm (packs per minute) for 1 Kg, depending on the product. 
Electrics: Three-phase network with neuter and ground: 220V or 380V   60Hz (440V under request).
  • Electric power: approx. 2.90 Kw/h (9.09A  at 220V) ou 2,2KVA. 
  • Pneumatic power:  approx. 867 l/min. in the sealing by impulse;   Approx. 699 l/min. in the grooved welding
  • Plastic film type: PE, PP, PP+PE, PP+PP, (other types under request).
  • Package: Cushioned or Ribbed (Flat Bottom).
  • Dater:  Hot Stamping (Standard) or other as an optional.
  • Weight dosage precision : Pursuant Administrative Rule nr.74 from INMETRO.
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