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Barrel Washer
Barrel Washer

The Barrel Washer removes soil and small stones from produce and is used for general purpose cleaning. It has been designed to allow root vegetables to run partially or fully submerged, and is self-cleaning due to the automatic sparging system or rotary scrapers. The Barrel Washer also features a ‘gentle paddle outfeed’ to ensure that produce is handled as gently as possible.

For optimum produce wash results the barrel washer is normally followed in a processing line by a Vege-Polisher™.

Size and specification is customised to suit your requirement.
Tandom barrels allow produce wash & flow control. The initial barrel controls the quality of the wash, whilst the second barrel controls the out flow of product.
Independent variable speed control.
  The outfeed barrel is reversible when filling.
The barrels are supported and driven on V-belts for full immersion operation.
Air actuated butterfly discharge valves.
Cleaning bars for automatic internal tank rinsing.
  Easy access hatches for greasing and maintenance.
Coiled internal sweeps for faster product flow.
  Mesh side panels for viewing operation.
  Electronic water level control.
  Timed water release and automatic re-filling.
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