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Drying Rollers
Drying Rollers

Remove the excess moisture from your produce by reducing droplet size, making it much easier to completely dry or store. The Drying Rollers work by utilising sponges to absorb moisture as produce flows over the machine. Squeeze rollers beneath the sponges remove the excess moisture.


Available in multiple sizes catering up to 25 tonnes (approx 55,000 pounds) per hour.

Easily adjustable squeeze roller pressure.
Twin drives for reduced wear on the drive system.
Electronic pressure release mechanism for squeeze rollers to ensure they are not deformed when the machine is not in operation.
  Easy access side panels for cleaning.
Pintle roller on the outfeed for longer operational life.
115mm NZ made foam rubber sponges.
  76mm stainless steel rollers.
  Produce sweeps for clearing the line.
  Polypropylene or horsehair brushes for application or rinse.
  Spray rinse or applicator systems.
  Water catchment tray.
  Recycling tank and pump.
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