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Lift Roller Sizer
  For accurate sizing of Potatoes, Carrots Onions, Citrus + other Produce!
Lift Roller Sizer

The Lift Roller Sizer (LRS) is a necessary piece of equipment for growers, shippers and packers who need to accurately separate their potatoes, carrots, onions, citrus and other produce into different sizes.

The different sized produce is then conveyed away for packing or further handling on the built-in cross conveyors. The LRS is simple to operate, is virtually maintenance free and can be integrated easily into any existing dry, wash or pre-pack vegetable line.

The LRS is available in multiple widths with a sizing range of between 2 and 7 (although more sizes are available on request).
Specialist Roller options include;Polished stainless steel rollers for sizing carrots, onions and citrus and, for sizing potatoes or onions, the options include polished stainless steel or plastic (polyethylene) scalloped rollers. The scalloped potato rollers are unique in that they provides a square hole for the potato to fall through, significantly increasing accuracy over straight rollers.
An operational capacity of up to 60 tonne per hour (approx 132,000 pounds).
  Easy to operate manual size adjustment.
Size ranges between 14-85mm for carrots, onions & citrus and 22-110mm for potatoes.
Soft drop areas on receiving conveyors which are gentle on produce and significantly reduce wastage.
Robustly built to withstand both wet and dry produce and variable conditions.
  Each LRS is supplied with cross conveyors.
Infeed soft drop conveyor to minimise product fall on entry to the rollers and help evenly distribute product across the rollers.
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