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CCRZ Series

Thickness/Width Grader


The Zaccaria Thickness/Width Grader has been developed to separate granular products according to the thickness of the grains. Within rice processing it has the purpose of separating imature grains, red rice from brown or milled rice, orfine broken rice and impurities.

The rotating cylindrical screens with different size slots or holes are available for different purposes of separation. The design, in individual units, enables different installation options making possible the separation of more than one fraction (red rice and imature grains, for example) and also permits double pass of same product (rejected imature grains, for example). All models have been designed to provide best performance and meet the customer needs.




• Can be installed in different sections within rice milling plants;

• Compact design;

• Cylindrical screens are of easy replacement;

• Low maintenance costs;

• High capacity.




• Structure made of steel sheet. Equipped with side and top removable doors for a safe operations;

• Separate units permits different mount combinations;

• Exclusive, efficient screen cleaning system through rubber rolls prevent screen slots from clogging;

• Cylindrical screens are made of stainless steel sheet and work in the horizontal position;

• Direct drive for the cylinders through a reduction gear motor;

• Product discharge is done by a separate unit equipped with a vibratory chute which permits self‑cleaning of the system;

• Where the separation of more than one product or double pass is required, an intermediate unit comprising of a screw conveyor for product discharge is added for this purpose;

• Stand is available as an optional (800 mm or 1200 mm high).

Example of Installation lay-out for model ccRZ - 2x1, Which Should be determined according to the costomer requirements
Information regarding weight and volume is procided according to each specific installation plan.
Approximate weight of each unit (kg):
MTRZ: 120
MTVZ: 155
Dimensions are in millimeters

Power / Poles:
Each Cylinder
0,25 kw /vI
0,75 hp / vI

MTV - Vibratory conveyor unit
O,55 kw / VI
0,75 hp / VI

• MTR - Screw conveyor unit
0,37 kw / IV
0,50 hp / IV

Input Capacity (kg/h):

• To separate red rice
Up to 1800 (per cylinder)

• To Separate Impurities Larger Then
The Screen perforation size
Up to 2500 (per cylinder)

• To Separate Imature grain and tip
up to 1500 (per cylinder)

• MTV Vibratory conveyor and MRT
screw conveyor
Up to 10800


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