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CPRZ Series
Rotary Sifter CPRZ



Power required

1.0 HP


750 Kg


(milled rice) 4.8 to 6.0 Ton/h


Shipping Volume

5.300 M 3

Rotary Sifter CPRZ
The Zaccaria Rotary Sifter model CPRZ was developed to separate different sizes rice with high efficiency and accuracy. This equipment incorporates a set of plan sifters, which work in a circular horizontal movement and can separate milled rice into up to 4 classes, depending on the mesh density of the screens. The screens can be easily replaced and adjusted to meet any specific requirements.

Main Advantages

• Can separate rice into up to four by‑products, by size;

• Compact Equipment;

• Easy replacement of the screens;

• Low maintenance.


Construction Characteristics


• Completely sealed legs, ensuring a clean and safe operation;

• Sift assembly is supported by articulated legs, giving high stability to the equipment and better load distribution to the bearings;

• Fixed discharge spouts, facilitate the installation of transportation equipment such as: bucket elevators, screw and chain conveyors etc;

• A counterweight system ensures an excellent static and dynamic balance of the equipment.

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