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DAZ/CF 7000P Series

Paddy Husker
DAZ/CFm7000P (R5 and'R10)

Zaccaria developed a new paddy husker model DAZ‑7000P (R5 and Fill 0) for attend the best rice milling market, which one, request compact equipments with high capacity.

DAZ‑7000P to assemble in a unit set, paddy husker model DAZ‑7000P coupled in a chamber husk model CF‑7000, which one, guarantee more production capacity, less space occupied, less energy consumption and low maintenance for the rice milling line.

Zaccaria is looking for a constant modernization of rice equipments and promotethe bestcosts forthe rice millings.



• Feeding System through of vibration chute working with fine adjustment of production;

• Feeding System controlled by eletronic panel;

• Level Sensors guarantee constant feed control;

• Husker Chamber with the screen of course bran; this system permit to take advantage of course bran;

• Closed Structure guarantee low pollution.




• Version R10 used rubber roller 10" x 10";

• Version R5 used rubber roller 12" x 10" (N9 5);

• Maintenance base plate for operation security;

• Feed system in stainless steel;

• Cooler system for rubber roller;

• Automatic system for rubber roller adjustment.


DAZ/CF-7000P R5 and R10)

Power Poles:
Paddy Husker Husker Chamber Fan
9Kw/IV 3,7 Kw/IV 0,18 Kw/II
12,5 hp/Iv 5 hp/Iv 0,25 hp/II

Feed air compressed:
bar (kgf/cm2) ibf/in2
7,0 100

Consuption air Compressed:
pcm 1/min
0,01 1,30

Air Overflow required for aspiration of Paddy husker (m3/min):

Air overflew required for aspiration of husker chamber (m3/min):

Rubber Roller:
DAZ/CF-7000P R5 DAZ/CF-7000P R10
n 5 (270 X 300 mm) 10 X 10 (254 x 254 mm)

Capacity: input Capacity on paddy (kg/h):
DAZ/CF-7000P) R5 and R10
5500 to 6400

Approx. Shipping Volume With feel hopper (m3)

Approx. Shipping Volume weight with feed hopper (kg):

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