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Screen Sizer
Screen Sizer

The Screen Sizer offers you a relatively inexpensive modular alternative to the Lift Roller Sizer. The modules are available in multiple sizes.
The Screen Sizer ‘sizes’ potatoes, onions or citrus as the produce passes over a series of mesh screens. If the produce is small enough, it will pass through the screen. Larger produce will progress on to the next screen to repeat the process. Sizing is aided by shakers on the screens that agitate the produce, thereby aligning the smallest dimension with the mesh.

Modules can cater up to 20 tonnes per hour (approx 65,000 pounds) depending on produce being sized.
Screens are made from rubber, plastic or spring steel depending on the application required.
Each Screen Sizer is supplied with cross conveyors.
  Design modifications to limit product being trapped between the screen and roller.*
Extra shaker rollers can be fitted if required.
Soft drop cross conveyors.
* Only applies to certain produce types.
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