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Make the Swifty Bagger part of your fully automated WeightPack weighing & packaging system.

The Swifty Bagger is an automatic solution for opening, filling and sealing of pouch, pillow or stand-up style bags with or without zipper closure. The Swifty Bagger uses non-wicketed bags of various materials, including laminates, polyethylene and metallized type bags.

The affordable Swifty Bagger is easy to use, easy to clean, and has a speedy changeover time, thus increasing production flexibility and productivity. So versatile that it is perfect for liquids, powders granulars and frozen or fresh products alike.

The Swifty Bagger horizontal bagger was designed for ease of use. The flat color touch screen control panel offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Combine the Swifty Bagger with any one of our filling machines for a fast, flexible productive system.


  Adjustable Bag Width and Length
  Positive  Bag Clamp Mechanism
  Heavy Duty Mechanical Cam Drive
  Allen-Bradley PLC Touch Screen
  Variable Speed Control
  Integrated Exit Conveyor
  Stainless Steel, Quality Construction
  Wicketless Pouches, Pillow or Stand-Up Bags
SB - 36
3'1/2 to 8"
5" to 11"
Up to 50 Bags/Min
SB - 72
3'1/2 to 4"
5" to 11"
Up to 100 Bags/Min
SB - 120
3'1/2 to 4"
5" to 11"
Up to 150 Bags/Min
SB - Big Bag
3'1/2 to 8"
Up to 24"
Up to 25 Bags/Min
The Swifty Bagger is the most efficient way to bag a wide variety of products in premade, non-wicketed bags of various styles such as pouch, pillow & stand-up style bags.
package: liquids, sauces, frozen foods, fresh food, dairy products, snacks, candy, pet food. pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, granulars and more....
The Swifty Bagger automatically takes the bag from the delivery station, positions the bag, opens it, unlocks the zipper if any, blows bag open for maximum fill space, interface ready for most tpes fillers, spreads the bag to eliminate creases, then seals it before being carried out up-right by conveyor for easy case packing.
  Available options
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