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o you want to improve the overall look and yield of your Potatoes, Carrots, Sugar Beet, Parsnips, Swedes, Red Beet or even Shellfish? If so, talk to us - we invented the technology and are the experts!

Wyma’s world renowned Vege-Polisher™ combines the traditional product agitation of standard barrel washing with shafts of brush that are counter rotating. Invented by Wyma in the late 1990s, the Wyma Vege Polisher™ is now the No.1 system in the world, and boasts the most comprehensive range of features, options and mechanical reliability on the market.

The system is designed to remove the surface membrane from carrots and polish them to a deep glow. When carrots are displayed on the supermarket shelf or in cello bags, days, and even weeks after washing, the carrots still look like a wet, fresh carrot. Traditional methods of washing leave this membrane layer intact and as it dries out, it turns opaque or ‘silvery’ leaving the carrots dull in appearance. Grocers and supermarkets often report significant increases in sales from carrots that are washed in a Wyma Vege-Polisher™ compared with carrots washed from traditional methods, and this is reflected in improved returns to the packer.

When used for washing potatoes, the Vege-Polisher™ completely removes dirt from the eyes and will lighten up skins with soil discolouration. It is able to remove skin fungi such as Rhizotonia, as well as netting on the potato surface, or sprouting, both caused from prolonged storage. The result is a greater percentage of premium produce being packed out compared with alternative washing techniques and better returns for the grower or packer!
  We offer 3 size options: 2.4m (12 brush row), 3.0m (14 or 16
  brush row) or 3.5m (18 brush row) Vege-Polisher™.
  Highly reliable, patented V & Synchronous belt drive system with proven
  performance & reliability.
  100% EXCLUSIVE brush technology.
  Sliding & Removable access panels.
  Brush shaft removal from the side of the machine.
  SIGNIFICANTLY MORE MOTOR POWER compared with earlier WYMA models
  and competing systems on the market. This results in greater rotational
  brush speed and up to twice the capacity for the same sized machine.
  Custom made maintenance free bearing system.
  Electronic outfeed door controls to provide remote setting or pre-set
  positions for different products.
  Hydraulic or Pneumatic adjustable tilt for fast emptying.
  Warranty extension to 24-months (applies to bearings and belts*).
  Automatic Belt Tensioning System.
  Water recycling systems.
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